Sunday, 15 January 2012

Tropical Running

Arrived in Singapore on Thursday about 5pm after 20 hours of travelling and was promptly ushered off for a tempo run around Bukit Brown Cemetary, quite appropriate place for the way I felt at the end of the 2 loop 6km session.
Friday morning was a 10.5km loop of MacRitchie Reservoir and evening run a 5pm stroll around the boardwalk at the reservoir. Saturday morning and as Michael was out cycling I
I was on my own so went around the reservoir again, although slightly slower than Friday as it was Linda's birthday on Friday and we had ventured out to Holland Village for beer and cocktails. Another tea time 5km on Saturday followed by a beautiful meal and tiger beer. Common theme developing her with the alcohol, but hey what the hell I am on holiday.
Due to the heat and humidity here it is best to run in the dark before the sun comes up so Sunday morning long run starts at 6.30am. Not a problem normally but an enormous thunder storm had kept us awake from 1 till 4am and when my alarm went at 5.45am I struggled to move.
Jogged over to meet Mark, JJ and a few others and off we went, 13 miles 90C and 90% humidity, what else can you do but sweat. At the end of this session we meet at the reservoir cafe and rehydrate with tea, the milk being replaced by cream, and a couple of sugars. Squeezed in another 5pm before dinner after a trip along the Singapore river on a Duck tour amphibious contraption with my wee boy (wife refused as she gets seasick going from Weymms Bay to Rothesay).
So far a great start to the warm weather training, shall keep you updated after the trip this week to Phuket. Great place to run but hilly as hell and also another few degrees warmer.