Monday, 27 January 2014


After about eight weeks of consistent mileage running it was time to get a couple of races in and get the lungs opened up so I had planned a double header for the weekend. Dunbartonshire x-country on Saturday and then Scottish Veteran Harriers Club Relay on Sunday. Saturday morning at work I got soaked and there was not much of a let up as I headed for Dalmuir Golf Club for the race. One little problem I had was I had thrown away my x-country spike shoes vowing months ago not to run another so was going to have to race with my trail shoes. This would have been fine on any other course but as the golf course had decided they were not letting anyone run over their lovely grass the race had to be rejigged to a zig zag around the council park. The first 10mtrs signalled problems as my legs started moving but not much forward progress was gained, a problem I just had to endure for another 4.7miles. If there had not been trees to go round I would have been totally snookered as I grabbed on and swung myself around to head in the opposite direction. Still it was a great workout and a lesson on footwear selection.

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Sunday morning and the relentless wind and rain continued and I was not looking forward to the lap at Strathclyde Park which is a windy course on a calm day. I arrived in plenty of time and ran a lap to gauge how bad it was going to be and the verdict was AWFUL. Miraculously just before I set off on leg two there was a break in the weather and it certainly calmed down meaning only the first leg runners got a raw deal. I ran 22.36 for the 3.8miles and was quite pleased considering the conditions.

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I have had confirmation I am now on the Runners World Pacing Team for the London Marathon in April so if anyone is going to be on the Blue Start looking for a 3.30 finish keep a look out for me and give me a shout. If anyone wants a training run at 8 minute miles on the road let me know as I will need to give it a try out a few times to adjust as I do not want to let anyone down, the pressure is on.