Tuesday, 29 January 2013


Two months into the training now for the West Highland Way Race and I have had eight weeks of 50-60 miles per week, so it was time for a wee burst of speed to open the lungs up. I cut the Saturday run to 12 easy miles and the plan was to run from home down to Strathclyde Park do my lap and then run home but as it was howling wind and rain I just drove down and had a couple of warm up laps in preparation for the sprint.

I was on leg 2 and with about 70 teams entered it was a bit busy waiting on the handover for my lap from Ralph. I was off and running with one clear target ahead which unfortunately for my younger brother Chris was him, he had headed off just over a minute ahead of me and he knew what was coming but how long he could stretch it out being the question. 2 miles was the point and I refrained from skelping his arse as he is a wee bit touchy but I am sure all the comments were of support!!! 

I ran my 3.64 mile leg in 22min 16 secs although official time is 22 min 11 secs. I ran at almost the same average mile pace all the way and felt great all the way not even noticing the inclines on the third mile so the training must be reaping rewards. Team position was 11th overall one place behind our V50 team who were second in the over 50 competition. Overall the event was won by Ronhill cambuslang with some rather fast individual times.

Another excellent Scottish Veteran Harriers Club event. Thanks to the timekeepers and marshalls for all the support.

So another week ticked off on the grand plan and now time to up the distance on the weekend back to back runs. This coming weekend is 15 miles steady flattish on Saturday afternoon to be followed up early Sunday morning with 30 miles on the West Highland Way from Milngavie to Conic Hill and back, with a trial of the pork pie nutrition strategy.

Saturday, 5 January 2013

LENZIE JOG 2/01/2013

A little fun run for me but I am sure this was one of the most important days of my wee boys athletics career and the start of his 2024 Olympic dream. A damp morning did not even put him off and as soon as he saw me putting on my running gear he was searching his cupboard for his trainers and the juice cupboard for his lucozade for after the run. So over to Lenzie and stand in line to register for the 2k run, a really reasonable entry fee of £1 for me and 50p for the little guy, heck if only all races were so generously priced!!!! Number 325 for me and 326 for Andrew, question is what order would they finish.

Nerves were not apparent as he stripped of his jacket and handed it to mum along with his hat, I think he meant business. The race started along with the 9k and 4.5k and we headed off from the back with dozens of other family teams, a real treat to see so many youngsters out enjoying themselves and mums and dads trailing along in their wake as they pursued the leaders. I had my garmin on to record his first race and I made the mistake of telling him he was only half way round as I was set for miles. On the wee climb to the finishing straight I promised him he was nearly there and he hared off and left me as can be seen in the next photo.

He was not for a joint finish or any of that nonsense he just wanted to beat dad and finished with great delight. Not seen any results but they don't matter as this was just about having fun with the family. An excellent event supported by about 270 finishers over the 3 races.

Andrew's garmin details here :  http://connect.garmin.com/activity/257013637
On Thursday morning as I was slipping my trainers on for an early run the wee man came bounding down the stairs and the cry was  'can I come with you on your run this morning dad?' . I think mummy is going to have more running gear to clean in the future.