Thursday, 27 February 2014


Thankfully the last cross country race of the season, a short 12km stroll around Callander Park in Falkirk.
I always see this as an indication of how the winter training has gone and gauge how I feel after the race. well today was a little different as the course was in the worst condition I have ever seen it in and the senior mens entry numbers were again up on the previous year so if you were not quick enough at the start you were going to be in one long queue of runners.

The mudhill

So inevitably I was stuck in a long line of runners on the first of three 4km laps, although not too bothered as I am naturally a slow starter anyway. Progress  was further interupted when the runner in front of me took a tumble on the descent from the mudhill, luckily I managed to stop and bodyswerve him as a couple of others tumbled over him.

A bit of an unevenful race as I picked my way through the runners feeling comfortable but really not enjoying the underfoot conditions. I knew Duncan was ahead of me as I had seen him head off in front of me but had not seen any other team mates till the final hill and I could see I was pulling Daddy Derek in. I caught him just as we come down to the finishing straight which was possibly a mistake as he is an 800mtr track specialist and as I pulled alongside him for a chat his words were " for f**ks sake, I am not having you beat me" and sprinted off like a bullet. Next time he is getting no warning and it will be a 5mtr finish.

Dereks arm I think
Finishing time of  51:11 which is well slower than last years 48:44, possibly a little to do with the underfoot conditions and congestion but I was happy with the run so no complaints.

After last years race I ran another 16 miles home but decided to ditch that plan and save it for a long Sunday run which proved sensible and I had a pleasant early morning 21 mile recovery run.

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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

KIRKIE 12.5KM RACE 16/2/2014

1st race of the 2014 Run Kirkintilloch Series organised by Kirkintilloch Olympians.

The first test run to see how the winter training has gone and after a week in Fuerteventura all inclusive I was not starting this race with much confidence of a fast time but I did want to run it at a steady pace even though it includes 7 sharp climbs.

8:2016:4025:0033:2041:4050:0004:0005:0006:0007:0008:0009:00Pace (min/mi)Pace:07:39 min/miTime: 14:42 h:m:s

This was the first team the full Team Craig had lined up on a start line together for 6 months and only the 3rd or 4th time ever so it would be an interesting event seeing who would catch who (ha ha). Plan for me was meet Michael in Bishopbriggs and have a warm up 5 miles over to the start, race and then 6 mile run home. Michael was meant to follow the same plan but there were several doubters in the camp on the outcome of that.

The warm up run to the start lulled us into a false sense of wellbeing with a calm canal and a gentle breeze almost springlike with a welcome blue sky for a change after weeks of wind and rain. The race started promptly and a few runners blasted off along the first half km which is flat until the climbing and descending starts. The first couple of miles were fine but a stiff breeze ensued for the next two but I managed to keep the splits quite even without blowing up with the knowledge that miles 5 and 6 would be with the wind behind us with the out and back route. Mile 6 and the finishing straight were also even so I was delighted to have held them all comfortably and the only disappointment was I just did not have a finishing burst to reel in 2 guys who had been about 10 mtrs in front of me for the last 2 miles.

Splits were : Mile 1 - 5:50
                   Mile 2 - 6:23
                   Mile 3 - 6:32
                   Mile 4 - 6:34
                   Mile 5 - 6:23
                   Mile 6 - 6:23
                   Mile 7 - 6:23
                0.8 mile - 6:32     Finishing time 49.33  

Miles 3 and 4 then 7 till the finish into a stiff headwind.

Michael finished in 51:24 , Chris 56:05 and Kate 77:06 all delighted to have taken part but not particularly joyous and bursting with energy to accompany me on the recovery run.

Fellow VP-Glasgow runners were Alison Kerr 50:57 2nd lady and Andy Law 50:40 .

Michael, Chris and Ada await their coffees.

After a recovery coffee a recovery run of 6 miles took the total for the day up to 18.2 miles.

Another excellent race organised by the Olympians and many thanks to the marshalls and timekeepers standing in the cold for our enjoyment.

Strava details here

Race results here