Wednesday, 1 November 2017


So the countdown to my 50th birthday has begun and I have put in place a few targets for the next 364 days, one of which is basically to stay fit, uninjured and able to hit a new age group able to compete at the higher end of the competition. This will involve a bit of sensible racing and training so I am working on a plan which involves less to no ultras and a few more marathons.

I recently tallied up how many marathons I have ran and this coupled with ultras gave me a current tally of 72 so looked in to joining the 100 Marathon Club. If you have completed more than 50 (ultras count as 1 marathon only irrespective of distance) you gain Associate membership as you work towards the 100. So I submitted my excel spreadsheet of races and passed the vetting process and am now going to concentrate on building to the 100 and earning the vest.


Marathon and Ultra History

Thankfully my running career doesn't date back too long and Power of 10 is a great resource for storing runners details so I think I have remembered all the races I have done but there could be the odd one missing, as can be seen from the bottom of the list with ones I forgot.

I have two races left to go this year, Glen Ogle 33 on Saturday 4th November which will be my seventh there and keeping me ever present at that event and the to finish off the year I will be pushing my body to a bit of an extreme as I have entered the MR25 12 Hour Ultra in Singapore on the 30th December. Running for 12 hours isn't the hard bit, keeping hydrated and not overheating will be the tricky bit for me but hopefully I can go and give it a good run.


The first 2 days of the countdown involved two races, the first the National Cross Country Relays at Cumbernauld on Saturday 28th October and then the Antonine Trail Race half marathon on Sunday.
I wont bore you with all the details but it is a true multi terrain workout and a great end of season gathering, superbly organised and marshalled. The route has everything to test you from over 1200ft of climbing to tarmac and muddy bog.

Full race report here from James Stewart RD : Antonine Trail Race report/results

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