Sunday, 24 February 2013


So we are now 3 months in to the West Highland Way Race training and I am now starting to feel the benefits of the back 2 back weekend longer runs, although I don't think Mrs wife is too impressed with the working Saturday AM and running home but not getting in till 6.30pm. I have promised that after June 22 I will have a rest and spend some quality family time with her and the little guy and make up for the 7 months of absent fatherhood. She has told me she will not be coming along to witness my suffering which I can totally understand but she has demanded constant updates so support crew beware and be careful what you report.

On the support side I am now well equipped and I think with the lads I have with me I am the least qualified in running quality. Speedo the driver is faster than a fast guy, Mark is gunning for his 15th sub 3 hour in a row London Marathon in a few weeks and Duncan has completed the WHW race a few years back although his memory is not too clear after Glencoe and a bit patchy with race tips. Nearly forgot to add Gavin in there and those of you who shop at Sweatshop Glasgow will be aware I am in for a serious lot of conversation should I call on him as support runner on the latter sections of the race. Anyways the guest house is booked and if all else fails I can stop for a breakie before the finish as it is just before the the finish line of the DOTH.

I have been averaging 50-70 miles a week for the last 12 weeks and I am happy with that in the time constraints but I do want to rattle in 2 or 3 90 mile weeks before May. I was planning the first ultra to be the D33 but I cannot get away that Saturday from work but as I had an inkling this was going to happen I entered the Loch Katrine Marathon the week before. So I will give that a real good gut burst but as I have only ran a 12k on it before am totally unsure how hard it will be but sure it will be a toughy. My main focus is the Scottish 50km Championship which is part of the Anglo Celtic Plate event and I am hoping to better my previous best on the course of 3hr 37mins. After that I am running the London Marathon as pacemaker for a friend and then the Highland Fling with the main objective to get to Tyndrum feeling human and having a feeling that I could continue further.

This weekend has been a tester as I decided a few weeks ago to run the National X-Country and then run home from Falkirk on tired legs to get used to the pain and suffering. So a one lap warm up Callander Park which was 2.5 miles and then the race itself of 3 laps x 2.5 miles gave me 10 miles.

Having a ball at the national. Photo by Auntie Karen.

 Only small technical problem was after running at what I perceive as about 90 per cent and clocking 48m 44 secs which was not far off PB for the national I had cooled down a bit by the time Duncan dropped me off at the Falkirk Wheel for the 16 mile return trip.

Thankfully Norrie McNeill had messaged me and said he would meet me around about Banknock and run to Croy with me for a bit of company and this was great till he suggested we take a short cut over a hill which misses out a bit of the canal towards Auchinstarry Basin and would save me a bit of time. Yes it may well have saved a minute but it was more of a mountain to me at that stage of the day than him. Said my farewells to Norrie as he set off back up the hill we had just conquered and shuffled the last 7 miles home, uphill I may add. 26 miles with a 12km race to start with is a WORKOUT, maybe not the most intelligent but still a WORKOUT.

Recovery run today was 14 miles which was very pleasant and rattled in 1hr 43mins on a hilly route and no painat all in the legs so good signs I hope.

Next up Loch Katrine, bring it on.


  1. Great to see you gerry and good to hear your legs held out well today, you where still motoring along when I met you.

    Glad you enjoyed the wee Hill ;-)
    Good Luck at Katerine

  2. All good training, Gerry. Nice to see to whizzing past on Friday and Saturday. When Sharon and I saw you on Friday on the canal, we had just run from Edinburgh and were 55 miles down :-)

    1. You both looked comfy when you passed me, maybe the thought of some wine only a couple of miles away was cheering you up. Saturday was tricky as I was just wanting to cruise round with the return journey in mind and felt it hard not chasing racers. See you at Perth.