Sunday, 10 June 2012


A short drive over to Comrie in Perthshire this morning for the inaugural Strathearn Marathon. Advertised as a hilly route with 1500ft of ascending I knew this was not going to be a fast one but it was all on road so I was really looking forward to it even with two sore achilles and a niggle in my back. The roads to Comrie take you along the route part of the race and it was apparent on arrival that the first 7 miles was uphill, oh well just get on with it. Registration was at the Cultybraggan Scout Camp which I think is a prisoner of war camp from the last world war. Met up with Gavin Harvie and we decided to cruise along and enjoy this as we were both looking for a good workout but unsure how of how the route was going to be.

It really is an extremely friendly and enthusiastic group from Strathearn who have organised this race and from start to finish they were really supportive at all the waterstops and road junctions, even the wee guy Gavin soaked at the first water station, we could still hear the laughter from the rest of the youngsters 200 mtrs up the road. The first 7 miles were uphill but it did level out and from there to about 11 miles it was gradually downhill so time to relax a bit and get a bit of a rythmn going.

10.5 miles.
 From 10.5 miles there is a cruel climb for about 1.5 miles which just got steeper and steeper but after that most of the race was flattish, when I say flattish I mean not as bad the previous bit. Gavin caught sight of the 3rd place runner about 19 miles and decided to go after him and I just left him to it as I was enjoying myself and not really bothered and also thinking that he was being reeled in slowly anyway so I will just wait and see. I couldn't quite catch either of them them although had them in view all the rest of the way and also could see the 2nd place runner being slowly dragged in all the way. The winner was well clear in 2.45 but the rest of us followed in quick succession like aircraft landing. I think 2nd was 2.57.?? 3rd (Gav) 2.58.?? 4th 2.58.?? and then me 2.59.57. I had not checked my watch for time and presumed it was well over 3hrs but as I approached the finish line the announcer shouted at me to shift myself to get under 3hrs, so just made it.

Dog tries to prevent sub 3hr marathon.

Felt fine all the way and no problems so hopefully the wee niggles are clearing up for the Clyde Stride and then the Glenmore 24. Also hoping to squeeze in the Devil O the Highlands if I make it off the waiting list.

So once again thanks to all at Strathearn Harriers for this race and I would imagine early entry will be required for next years race.

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  1. Oft that was tight for a sub 3. Very well done.

    1. I would like to call it perfect pacing for sub 3,but hadn't thought it was on till the announcer shouted at me to get a shifty on for it. Nearly tripped over the dug though!!!