Friday, 23 December 2011


In preparation for a massive amount of eating and drinking over the next few days a long run was needed to burn off a few calories and create a wee space. So Milngavie to Balmaha was chosen as the route, about 20 miles and a good workout with a few climbs involved.

Early start at Milngavie with Michael and a lovely cool dry winters morning. Only a few dog walkers on the way out to Carbeth, maybe all the runners were suffering from Christmas nights out. The route was remarkably dry after last weeks snow and rain and the sun was peeking through the clouds.
Out past Carbeth and down towards the Beechtree with the sound of gunfire in the distance, either grouse catching or turkey culling we couldn't decide.

Too early for a beer at the Beechtree so on towards Drymen we go. Don't know if anyone has noticed this but there is a whole field full of black sheep, how unlucky are that family?

When we got to the road at Drymen a warning sign was posted on the gate saying the forest was blocked due to fallen trees and a map showed the detour to go through Buchanan Smithy along the road to Balmaha as the detour. Yeh right, how could a few fallen trees be an obstacle. Well at first it was fine as they had all been cleared by those nice guys at the forestry but nearing Connich Hill got a bit tricky and it took us about 20 minutes to cover half a mile.

Those of you who know the old guy I was running with will understand how long this process took for a guy who cannot even touch his knees never mind his toes.

Anyhow we soon decided which tree to take with us.

Hurricane BAWBAG has certainly blown through this forest. Finally we exited this scene of destruction and descended towards the hill, which Michael had been fearing for the previous 16 miles.

As we climbed up the hill I was focusing on my footing and not watching too far in front but luckily at one point I did or I could have been in danger of being bounced over the side. The things you see up a mountain!!


I waited for Michael at the top and he mentioned he would catch me at the carpark as descending was not a skill he had a degree in, I shouldn't have laughed so much as I promptly slid and landed on my back.

Loch Lomond

Michael seconds before his tumble.

Quite a quick descent into Balmaha off the hillside and down a few stairs into the carpark. The toilet block has been bulldozed and a sign says the pub are happy for you to use their toilets so off we went to change and refresh. Great morning out and amazing December weather.

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  1. a good write-up. walked down the memory lane the WHW visit 5 years ago