Sunday, 18 December 2011


As my brother has arrived from warmer climbs for the festive season our what now seems annual slidey long runs have begun. So this mornings run begun in sub zero temparature. It was -4C to be exact but clear blue skies and sunshine breaking through. I was feeling cold so I cannot begin to feel how much Michael was suffering as he was running in 35C on Friday evening and had not been back in the UK since the summer.

Down through the golf course and over to the back of Balmore before a bit of climbing up towards Mugdock reservoir. In the sunshine it was great but the shaded valleys were bitterly cold and damp.

Michael slowly making his way up the High Caves road.

Running on the compacted snow is fine with trail shoes but on the country roads a lot of ice is forming with the water running off the fields and the madman from Singapore only brought road shoes.

As we went around the Mugdock reservoir we met a few lads from my club so we did a loop with them adding an extra couple of miles.

Old Kenny, Me, Alex, Old Drew.

Dodgy bridge

We said our goodbyes and set off toward home along Auchenhowie Road and the underfoot conditions were hard packed snow. This sort of running seems to give you an all over workout as you are constantly pushing through snow and trying to maintain balance. We only had one obstacle left now, the dodgy bridge at the golf course with the closed sign at it which everyone is obviously disregarding. We slowly negotiated this, some slower than others.

Great morning run in crisp conditions. 13.41 miles done and no broken bones.

Run details here :

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