Monday, 20 August 2012


So with about 2 weeks to go till the longest race of my running career (well thats the plan, although no promises) the taper has begun and I thought I would stick in a couple of short races to get my lungs opened up again and gasp for breath for a wee while.

Thursday 16th August : Broadwood 5k

How hard could this be? It is only 5k after all, a mere 3.1 miles. Well when the wippets blast off straight away and you try and hang on in there for as long as possible it hurts. My chest did not know what was happening and my arms felt like they would fall off. I started to get into the rythm of the race about 4k and just pushed along to the finish line as best I could but there just was no oomph and could not catch any of the runners ahead although I was catching them and not being caught from behind. Finished in 14th position in 18min 35 secs , slower than the previous two years but after two 40 mile ultras in the last few weeks not too bad a time.  Garmin :

Friday 17th August : Rest

Saturday 18th August : Long slow run

Morning shift at work and the run home, nice wee stroll from Anniesland to Glenboig along the Forth + Clyde Canal and the Strathkelvin Way railway line. Nice flat and easy pace with Sundays 10k in mind.
Garmin :

Sunday 19th August : Scottish Veteran Harriers Club 10k

Lots of familiar faces at Pollock Park for the 2 loops of the vets 10k around Pollock Park. I try to do as many of the vets races as possible during the year as they have a competition for all the age groups throughout the year with the series sponsored by Run and Become although as I have not done enough races this series to worry about placing in this years series I could just run along not thinking about who I had to catch or avoid. This is not an easy route with the same climbs coming twice but I still managed my fastest 10k of the year with 36min 55secs on a hot day. Really enjoyed the workout ensuring not to push too hard on the first lap and keep the pace even. Delighted with my time as it was actually faster than the previous two years with fresher legs. Garmin :

The link to the vets website is here for those interested in becoming a member :

So the moral is don't try a 5k race after a hard shift at work, easier racing on fresh legs. My 5k splits during the 10k were actually faster than the 5k race so go work that one out.

Now its rest a fuel for the Glenmore 24, a trip into the unknown but one I am looking forward to.

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