Monday, 18 August 2014


The Tour of Clydeside is as it says a series of short race of varied terrain in and around Glasgow with a race each night for 5 nights. Sounds simple enough but as the week goes on and the legs begin to tire and throw in the missing dinner each evening it is a proper week of training. I had only entered as Michael, Holly and Kate had entered already and I was talked around. As it turned out I was the only one to complete the series.

Race one on Monday was the Kilbarchan Klassic 8k road race, flat out and back in 29:53. Average pace 6:02 per mile.  Race 1

Race two on Tuesday was the Garscube Gallop 7k trail race, a mix of tarmac, mud and tree jumping in 28:29. Average pace 6:50 per mile.  Race 2

Race three on Wednesday Clydebank Canal Canter 8k road race, flattish out and back along the canal and by now tiredness was creeping in. 29:59 , average pace 6:02 per mile.  Race 3

Race four on Thursday at my favourite training ground Mugdock for the Meander 7k trail race, 27:09 average pace 6:19 per mile. At this point Kate pulled out of the series as in her words 'i am knackered' .
Race 4

Race five on Friday and the finale at Pollock Park for the Bella Belter 10k road race. By now I was almost burst but as I was sitting as third V40 wanted to hold on to that position at least. I had a lead of 29 seconds going into the race and only lost a further 8 seconds to the fourth place V40 so overall more than satisfied with my weeks work. 37:16 for the 10k, average pace 6:03 per mile.  Race 5  Both Michael and Holly sadly could not make it for this race as they had to go to an 80th birthday party.

Overall position 11th, 3rd MV40 in a cumulative time of 2:32:46 .

A great week of running and an event I would encourage people to enter next year, well organised  and marshalled at each race.

Full series results here : Tour of Clydeside results

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