Tuesday, 25 October 2011


Three weekends of short cross country racing to ease the legs of after Loch Ness as a sort of taper for the GO33 on the 5th November.

 West district relays at Drumpellier Country Park on Saturday 8th was a total mudbath in parts but totally enjoyable, 4k in 15.01 as part of  one of  the Vicky Park teams.

Dumbartonshire relays at Helensburgh Duchess Woods on Saturday the 15th was more of a trail race although more of a test with a 2 loop course and bugger of a climb on each loop. 4k in 15.38 and finished 4th team on this occasion.

Is that a hat on my head?

National relays at Cumbernauld on Saturday 22nd and the toughest course of the lot. This one has the lot, up down, mud, bog, wind, the only thing missing this year was rain but as we had already had that all week the course was sorted. An amazing and long awaited sight as our 1st team led the race on the 3rd leg but youth was caught by some seasoned runners and they finished 5th but a great prospect for years to come we hope.
As part of our 1st vet team I ran the 2nd 4k leg in 16.10, slower than previous weeks but by far the toughest race of the three. We finished in 50th place.

Cross country is by far my least favourite form of running but it is great training and if only my long suffering wife Linda would appreciate that it is not possible to come home from one of these races without the running gear being covered in mud I would probably do more of it. After Drumpellier I just jumped into the shower with the dirty gear on and washed it and myself, it then took me 20 minutes to unblock the plughole and clean the shower so its back to plan A and just use the hose in the back garden from now on. One small reminder though, do not leave the dirty shoes in the boot of the car coz after a couple of days they dont half stink the motor out as my sister will testify when she borrowed my car.

So taper time now for the final ultra of the year, GO33 here I come. 

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