Tuesday, 15 May 2012


This race is now turning into an annual event for me being the closest race to home. I am still amazed at the poor turn out as it is superbly organised by North Lanarkshire Council. Perhaps a wee bit more advertising required as I can't praise this event highly enough, stewarding is excellent and as good a goody bag as any other half. The course is 1 small loop and then 2 large loops of Drumpellier Country Park and it is definitely not a PB course as undulating is the best description for it.
Sunday morning and the wind was howling with rain on the way, just an average day now it seems. So the story of the race was generally head first into a strong wind apart from two times on the large laps for about a mile and a half each time, I think wind surfing would be really popular on that loch if it was offered. This is the first race ever in May where I have worn gloves from start to finish. I really enjoyed the race however and it was a tough workout finishing 6th in 1.23.06 . I had a bit of company on the second lap as a runner from Clydesdale and the first female from HBT tagged along behind me. I did manage to lose them on the final mile and take 20-30 second off them and they both thanked me for pulling them round and apologised for letting me take the wind. Great workout and back next year in the sunshine I hope.

Garmin Activity : http://connect.garmin.com/activity/177662363

Results : http://scottishrunningguide.com/races/2012/monklands_half_marathon__and__5k/results/monklands_half_marathon_2012_results.pdf

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