Friday, 25 May 2012


Listening to one of the WHW podcasts I am sure a request went out for blogs on your favourite running mile and this reminded me of a plan for a blog I had been meaning to write but never quite got to, so here we go.


As the sign shows this route is 10.5km loop of the reservoir although there are a couple of variations for longer routes depending on the plan for the run. My preferred direction is anti clockwise in the early morning as this gives the best views on the return which is where my favourite mile occurs.

As you can see from this photo there is a boardwalk which runs around the shore of parts of the reservoir but that is for lazy days when you can't be bothered with trails and hills.

Half way round you get to the ranger station where us mortals from cooler climates can rehydrate from the drinking taps and freshen up for the return section. There is also the option to add in a wee loop and take in the treetop walk, although it does include several hundred stairs getting to and from it from the trail.

After the treetop walk the next vantage point is the Jelutong Tower which is another 100 or so stairs but straight up and down.

After the tower it is on to the boardwalk through what used to be a rather soggy section linking the trail to the golf course, where runners are made to feel most unwelcome by golfers who seem to think they are the only people who have a right of way here. As you emerge from the trees here this is the point where my FAVOURITE MILE starts.

Favourite mile begins.
This mile is just so enjoyable as you skirt the golf course and reservoir in such a tranquil setting in the warmth of an early morning, about 80 degrees and rather humid into the bargain.

Golf Course Link.

Back on to the trail after the golf course and the next section takes you to fitness corner, where you can stop for a few upper body excercises if you so desire.

Fitness Corner.

Favourite mile over but still about a mile or so to go to the zig-zag bridge and a wee stroll down to the car park and the Mushroom Cafe where recovery breakfast of a soft boiled egg, thick slice of bread with peanut butter and cornflakes on top washe down with a cup of tea finish of a most enjoyable morning run.

Garmin route here :


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