Thursday, 21 March 2013


I was asked to test out the FitSip 100% Hands-Free Hydration System and put my views down on this blog and never been one to shy away from a test I duly obliged. Basically it is an armband with a refillable water pouch inside which has a capacity of  200ml. The target customer is the runner, cyclist or walker who would normally take a bottle out with them. It is not intended for long bouts of training but those short sessions up to an hour where a mouthful or two wouldn't go a miss and keep you topped up till you finish.

So for my Monday night recovery run along the canal I filled the pouch up, even put a Nuun tablet in just to give the water a bit of taste and attached the wristband in place. The armband does feel quite bulky initially but after a few minutes I did not even notice I was wearing it, in fact I almost forgot to test it out for a drink forgetting I had it on. The mouthpiece is a bite valve and taking a mouthful was no bother at all and no leakage either. I did find it simple to use and a few regular sips over the hour were enough for me as I tend not to consume much liquid during my runs, but it is easy to take the pouch out and refill so would not be a problem in a race with water stations if you wanted to refill it. Felt like an ideal solution to carrying a bottle and keeping your hands free.

For the sceptics I was not paid for my views and only offer my independent opinion. Many thanks to FitSip for letting me try it out, it will certainly be put to use in the coming months on the trails.

Link to the FitSip website : 

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